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Matthew Henry - artist, author & craftsman

     Several years ago while living in the wilds of Tennessee, I began making wooden signs as a way to decorate my lodge-styled home. Thru the years, I have had the good fortune of being very successful with my endeavor beyond those first few pieces that I made for my home. From the very first magazine “editor’s picks” in Log Home Living and Country’s Best Log Homes (in 2001) thru today, folks are still drawn to my unique style of work and my story of leaving behind a lucrative music business career in the big city for the solitude of the mountains of West Virginia.


     My Classic House Sign Series was an idea that I had carried in my head for several years but was never truly inspired to develop. Furthermore, as a single father I stay very busy not only with my current collections of work, but just being the best dad I know how to be to my two wonderful children, Matthew River and Anna Katharine. During the Winter of 2007-’08, my two and a half year love affair with a local girl had ended in heartbreak. To add insult to my sorrow, weeks later I injured my knee in a skiing accident requiring surgery. Not being one who enjoys sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I began in earnest the arduous task of creating a fresh new line of classic wooden signs featuring classic colors, fonts & themes for cottages, bungalows, beach houses and other classic styled homes. I believe that I have succeeded.


     So here I am a year later, my knee completely healed and my heart mostly mended; with my brand new Classic House Sign Series complete to the point of sharing it with the world. I suppose that everything in life happens for a reason; good, bad or otherwise. In true artist fashion, without my pain and sorrow I’m not certain that I would have been inspired enough to have this new line ready yet today. As with all of my work, I am very proud of this new collection and very grateful to those who support me. I know that I am a blessed man. These truly are works of art that will stand through time as cornerstones in the lives of those of you who hang them at that special place you call “home”. As always, if you don’t see anything here you favor, perhaps you’ll check out one of my other collections of work, or simply inquire about my making you something even more unique. (And yes, I still hold out hope that someday I’ll meet the next special woman.)  ~ Peace ~  Matt Henry ~ 2009-2018

The world's foremost dork, Matthew Henry.